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Concrete lifting and slab-raising applications will work for the many variations of sinking and settling concrete.

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Concrete Raising

We make concrete raising/leveling fast and affordable

Concrete Raising Contractor

Best Alternative for concrete leveling is Mudjacking and Slab Jacking...

In civil engineering, concrete leveling is a procedure that attempts to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon.

  • Concrete driveways and concrete steps.
  • Interior floor slabs.
  • Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds.
  • Sunrooms with concrete floors.
  • Concrete roadways & parking areas.
  • Airport runways.
  • Concrete patios & landings.

Driveway Raising

The process of raising the roadway is markedly different from replacing concrete. This may seem like the easiest way to repair a sunken concrete road, but new concrete lifting technologies have greatly reduced the need to go that far or run into the disadvantages of this old-school option. You can replace your concrete at a high cost, sand it down that never looks right or expensive, or raise it using our ground jacking or polyjacking methods.

Our concrete lifting and leveling systems are a great option for homeowners because not only are replacements expensive, but if you only have one slab that needs repair, it will look different from other concrete if replaced. For example, a typical $4,000 concrete driveway replacement can cost around $800 to $2,000 to lift and level. Know that National Concrete Raising can economically lift, level and stabilize a concrete driveway in its original location using polyurethane foam.

National Concrete Raising will provide you with a FREE estimate for driveway slab elevation and level repairs or residential concrete driveway repair. National Concrete Raising tells homeowners around the country that they can extend the life of their driveways with quick repairs that lift and level uneven slab areas. We have the experience and knowledge to handle this type of heavy lifting when you need to lift a concrete road. 

National Concrete Raising and Leveling provides fast and convenient lifting and leveling of various types of concrete surfaces, including driveways, walkways, basements, pool decks and patios. Contact National Concrete Raising to learn more about how we lift stabilized slabs and pavements with our high performance industrial grade smart lifting system. At National Concrete Raising, we can provide a variety of services to lift, elevate, or level concrete slabs with cracks, sagging, or unevenness at home or at work.

No matter what caused your driveway to subside, National Concrete Raising can quickly fix the problem and prevent further subsidence with our concrete repair services. National Concrete Raising can repair your driveway quickly and efficiently by lifting the concrete instead of tearing it up and replacing it. We know how to repair a sagging concrete driveway to prevent cracking or further erosion, as well as costly concrete slab replacement, concrete leveling.

Without having to replace the entire driveway, National Concrete Raising technicians can lift and level the entire concrete driveway with our leveling services to restore the driveway to near-perfect original condition. If your driveway is sloping in any direction, there is a good chance it will be repaired using the National Concrete Raising concrete lift method. An National Concrete Raising repair technician will first inspect your driveway to determine if raising concrete is a viable repair option. You can hire Southern Concrete Lift’s professional team to look for signs that your driveway needs repair in order to provide a solid surface underneath.

If you have contacted other concrete companies in the area and they have told you that the only way to repair a driveway is to completely replace the driveway, don’t believe it. Your concrete driveway requires very little maintenance compared to asphalt or pavers, the environment and how you use your driveway can lead to costly repairs. A sinking driveway can cause basement or foundation problems. The sunken driveway is not so concrete, but because of what is (or is not) under it.

Settled concrete and cracks around it can direct runoff from rain or snow to the foundation under your home through the space created between the flooded road and your garage, your garage. When you have a sunken concrete slab or cracked paving slab, it can be an eyesore and a danger to anyone on your property. As the ground changes, holes can remain underneath and this can cause the driveway to sag, sag and crack. Erosion washes away soil from under the roadway, creating a void or space under the concrete slab.

The vacuum effect removes the dirt from the concrete, creating a bridge under your driveway. When hard concrete is poured onto the ground around your property, it is bound to crack and sink, leaving you with an unsightly concrete driveway. The concrete mortar is then pumped under the slab until it is raised to the height needed to repair the uneven concrete road. A sagging or uneven driveway near your garage door leads to cracks in the concrete, which over time lead to foundation leaks and a damp basement.

Cracks in the driveway allow more water to seep under the concrete, promoting further subsidence, and misaligned sections can lead to tripping hazards. Cracks in the concrete and poor drainage around your home’s foundation are typical signs that concrete needs to be leveled. You keep tripping over that stubborn, raised section of pavement leading up to your porch, or, even more frustrating, you keep breaking the snowplow on that 3/4-inch slab of pavement that goes all the way to the beautiful. and even plates, almost struck.

You want all of your property to look good, so don’t sit idly by as the sidewalk and driveway become an obstacle – get down to sunken or rising concrete right away. If you are finally thinking about fixing that annoying patch of concrete that gave you a headache, contact us today for a quick quote.

Our driveway hoist lifts concrete (foam jacking, slab jacking) in hours without the mess and expense of re-seeding and landscaping your driveway. The curing time is also significantly shorter than that of concrete or clay, so the old one can be used within a few hours after the work is completed.

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concrete leveling & mudjacking

Sidewalks • Basement floors • Office floors • Driveways

As patios, walkways, driveways, and concrete steps sink, they can crack and create uneven surfaces. Sinking concrete is unsightly, and it can create a tripping hazard.


sidewalk_concrete _leveling

Footings • Patios • Garage floors

A great alternative to repairing or replacing concrete slabs is to lift concrete, also known as slab sledding or concrete leveling. There is a high demand for concrete levelling and concrete lifting. 

concrete leveling

Pool decks • Warehouse floors

Mudjacked Slabjacking has been described as the most cost-effective alternative to replacing submerged concrete. 

Sinking concrete can be a serious problem

If you suspect that something might be wrong with your concrete, leveling might be the solution. 

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