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Concrete lifting and slab-raising applications will work for the many variations of sinking and settling concrete.

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Concrete Raising

We make concrete raising/leveling fast and affordable

Concrete Raising Contractor

Best Alternative for concrete leveling is Mudjacking and Slab Jacking...

In civil engineering, concrete leveling is a procedure that attempts to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon.

  • Concrete driveways and concrete steps.
  • Interior floor slabs.
  • Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds.
  • Sunrooms with concrete floors.
  • Concrete roadways & parking areas.
  • Airport runways.
  • Concrete patios & landings.

Do you have sinking concrete? We can help!

concrete leveling & mudjacking

Sidewalks • Basement floors • Office floors • Driveways

As patios, walkways, driveways, and concrete steps sink, they can crack and create uneven surfaces. Sinking concrete is unsightly, and it can create a tripping hazard.


sidewalk_concrete _leveling

Footings • Patios • Garage floors

A great alternative to repairing or replacing concrete slabs is to lift concrete, also known as slab sledding or concrete leveling. There is a high demand for concrete levelling and concrete lifting. 

concrete leveling

Pool decks • Warehouse floors

Mudjacked Slabjacking has been described as the most cost-effective alternative to replacing submerged concrete. 

Sinking concrete can be a serious problem

If you suspect that something might be wrong with your concrete, leveling might be the solution. 

What Our Customers Say About Our Concrete Leveling Work...

National Concrete team was awesome!! Great communication, clear expectations, very reasonable pricing, and excellent work. We thought it might be a lost cause, but JMJ Concrete team's expertise was able to salvage our current concrete & help move water away from our foundation. Highly recommend JMJ Concrete team!
Martin F.
Very happy with everything! Quality workmanship, went above and beyond. I would use this company again.
Bryan C.
We worked with National Concrete to correct a sinking driveway and underlying void for our garage. We are very pleased with the results and reasonable price. We would recommend and continue to use JMJ Concrete Lifting for future needs. Thank you!
Jane D.

Our Concrete Raising Work​

sidewalk_concrete _leveling
Concrete leveling garage
house, wood, family-3123295.jpg
concrete leveling
Concrete leveling garage
concrete raising - Mudjacking
concrete leveling & mudjacking
Concrete leveling garage
Pool deck leveling
sidewalk_concrete _leveling

When your concrete begins to sink, you can feel good about your decision to work with professional contractors who put you first.

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Concrete Rasing & Leveling

High Technology Concrete Leveling Driveways can sink at the junction of garage floors and driveways. Common causes are poor backfilling during construction, and erosion due to downspout discharge. National Concrete Raising has two options for sunken driveways. For concrete or asphalt driveways, new concrete can be installed. You can install new concrete if your asphalt driveway looks like this one

Polyjacking Concrete Leveling – We specialize in levelling and raising concrete. Polyurethane fills any voids that have caused concrete to sink. It is more durable than “Mudjacking”.

Our team has taken the low-tech problem of sinken concrete and applied technology. All you need to do to level your concrete is complete our online quote request, receive a quote via email and then pay online. It’s done. It’s done. The concrete is not monitored. Request a quote online, send an email and make payment.

Concrete surfaces can crack and break due to their rigidity. This is dependent on what happens beneath them. It is often possible to reduce or repair any damage caused by ground movement.

Concrete resting on the earth will crack or break due to what’s beneath it. High clay soils tend to swell. This causes the earth to expand in rainy weather, and shrink during dry spells. Placing concrete on landfill areas where it was not properly compacted can cause the soil to move inwards. As seismic activity is almost impossible to detect, topsoil shifting is often caused by the depletion or disappearance of underground aquifers.

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